Stranded Deep Crafting Recipes for Weapons, Tools, Buildings and more

Looking for a list with all Stranded Deep Crafting Recipes? On this page you will find a list of the main crafting recipes for Stranded Deep. The game was developed by Beam Team games and they made a very good game, which is already very popular in Steam. You land on a lonely island after a plane crash and there you have to fight for your live. After you reached the first island, you can begin with the Open-Survival-Game Stranded Deep and build your first items. At the beginning you have to make and craft your first tools and weapons, to get some food and build a house later. In Stranded Deep you are permantly looking for new materials and craft them into useful things. For example, you can craft a simple crude axe with 1x Stick, 1x Stone and 1x Rope. Once it’s finished, you can use the axe to get some wood from the trees. The wood is necessary for a Spit Fire to cook your first crabs and get some food for the hunger.

There are some simple recipes but also some rather complicated crafting recipes. As a beginner, it is not so easy to figure out the different combinations. For this reason we have created a list of the most important stranded deep crafting recipes on this page. This list is not complete and will be expanded over time. If you know additional crafting recipes, which are still not listed here, then please leave a comment under this page.

List of useful Crafting recipes for stranded deep

Under the following headings, you can find the recipes for weapons, tools, buildings, and more. We will expand this list over time and add more items.

Crude Tools and Weapons Crafting Recipes

You can find the best crafting recipes for Weapons and Crude Tools in the following table. Did we forget one, write us a comment.

Weapon Crafting recipes
Crude Knife 1x Stick, 1x Rock Shard, 1x Lashing
Crude Axe 1x Stick, 1x Rock, 1x Lashing
Crude Hammer 1x Stick, 2x Rock, 1x Lashing
Crude Spear 2x Stick, 1x Rock Shard, 1x Lashing

More Crafting Recipes for Stranded Deep

In the second table you can find more recipes for Stranded Deep. Buildings, Raft, Foundation, Campfire and more.

Name Crafting recipes
Campfire  (little) 5x Stick
Campfire (middle – Fire pit) 1x Campfire little, 6x Rock
Campfire (big – Fire Spit) 1x Campfire middle, 3x Stick, 1x Lashing


Name Crafting recipes
Raft 8x Stick
Foundation 8x Stick
Supports 1x Foundation, 1x Stick
Wall 1x Foundation, 4x Stick, 2x Palm Frond
Roof 1x Foundation, 4x Stick, 4x Palm Frond
Steps 1x Foundation, 5x Stick, 6x Rope

Have fun with the Standed Deep Crafting recipes. Did we forget any item?

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