Fallout Shelter how to re-arrange rooms?

Is it possible to re-arrange rooms in Fallout Shelter after placing them? This is a common question of many players because many player don’t worry much about the room organization at the beginning. From time to time you get more rooms and it can get quite confusing to find certain rooms. If you have many rooms it makes sense to build certain rooms on a single floor. In this situation many players like us asked ourself, is it possible to re-arrange and move the room in Fallout Shelter?

Can you re-arrange rooms in Fallout Shelter?

Although you can combine your room, currently there is no way to move single rooms to another location. The only way to put a room to another spot is to delete and rebuild it. You can delete all of your rooms and build it again. If you destroy the room, you get back some caps.

Some things you should keep in mind:

  • You can’t delete that have people assigned.
  • You can’t delete room that have others rooms attached to it.

Delete a room in Fallout Shelter

  1. To destroy a room just double-tap on a room and press the green arrow in the top-right
  2. Hit destroy and you will gain some caps back. You don’t get all caps back, but at least a few.

Do you know a method to move a room in Fallout Shelter? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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