Stranded Deep Crafting House crafting recipes and guide

Looking for a simple house crafting guide for Stranded Deep? We have combined all the necessary steps to get you a simple house in the new Open-Survival-Game called Stranded Deep for PC on this page. As many of you know, is the crafting one of the main features in stranded deep. After you’ve survived the plane crash, the game really starts and you can explore the big world. The craftingplays an important role in the game. No matter whether weapons for hunting or tools to build a House. All items require certain crafting recipes. There are some simple recipes butso some rather complicated crafting recipes. For this reason we show on this site, how to build a house in stranded deep. After you have produced a hammer and prepared the first food, it is time for a roof over your head. The crafting recipe is this not that complicated, if you know the necessary materials. If your looking for a full Stranded Deep Crafting Recipe Guide, check the linked article.

How to build a house in Stranded Deep

Craft a house in Stranded Deep: Howto with Crafting Recipe
Craft a house in Stranded Deep: Howto with Crafting Recipe

Back to the actual question, how to build a house in stranded deep? It’s not that hard, all you need are some sticks, palm fronds and lashing. Check the detailed crafting recipe under this paragraph for more information. Once you collected the necessary items, just put them together und your own house in Stranded Deep ist ready.

House Crafting Recipe

  • 1x Crude Hammer
  • 1x Foundation – 8x Sticks + Crude Hammer
  • 4x Support – 4x Sticks
  • 3x Wall – 3x Palm Fronds
  • 1x Roof – 4x Palm Fronds
  • Steps – 5x Sticks, 6x Lashing

Crafting the House in Stranded Deep

  1. You put the materials on the island an start building the house.
  2. Place the Foundation with 8 Sticks and 1 Crude Hammer
  3. Add the Supports an on every corner the the Foundation
  4. Set the Walls up
  5. Add the Roof to the house
  6. Place the Steps in Front of the house for the entry

That’s it, your first house in Stranded Deep is ready, not that hard or?

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