MGS 5 The Phantom Pain Crash on Startup „MGSV:TPP has stopped working“: How to fix?

Konami hast just released the new MGS 5 The Phantom Pain for all plattforms including the PC. Unlike previously planned the developers decided to bring the PC version at the same time as the console version on the market. The first reviews for the game are very good. The game is praised and received a very good rating in the major magazines. But as with any new game, it looks like some people have problems with MGS 5 The Phantom Pain. Some users report crashes and Performance issues with low fps. We have summarized some solutions from the Internet here.

MGS 5 The Phantom Pain crashing on launch [mgsvtpp.exe]

If Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain crash on startup or when you receive the error message „MGSV:TPP has stopped working“ or „mgsvtpp.exe Application error“, the following information will maybe help you further.

Update your drivers

Some PC users are reporting issues with mgsvtpp.exe crashing on launch. The cause of the problem is often at outdated graphics card drivers. Make sure that you have installed the latest drivers for graphics card. New drivers often also resolve problems with the performance and stuttering.

Install the day one patch 1.01

The developers just released a day one patch for the game. If you have not yet installed the patch, you should download it. The patch has the version number 1.01.

Reinstall vcredist

If you receive the error message mgsvtpp.exe when you try to start the game, you should reinstall the vcredist. Go to the MGS5 Phantom Pain installation folder and search for the “_commonredist” and “vcredist” folder. Start the vcredist_x64.exe and uninstall the current version. Run the file again and reinstall the vcredist.

MGS 5 The Phantom Pain Crash on startup when using Phenom II

If you are using a AMD Phenom II CPU in your setup, Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain will maybe crash on startup and show a white screen. In some cases, the error message “mgsvtpp.exe stopped working” appears. The developers have found the cause and are working on a solution. The patch will be released in the next few hours. For more informations check the Steam thread.

Do you have also problems with MGS5 The Phantom Pain? Do you know other solutions if the game crashes at startup?

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