Fallout Shelter Baby: How to get it?

How do I birth a baby in Fallout shelter? This is a common questions in the last days after the new game Fallout Shelter was released after the Fallout 4 announcement. The game is free, very entertaining and if want to shorten the waiting time on the Fallout 4 release, you should get this great game. The gameplay is very simple and comparable with other apps in this genre. Nevertheless, there are some features that we did not understand immediately. One of these features were the babies. In order to increase the population in the bunker, you can either add more residents from the outside world or make Baby’s. But how to get this Baby out and how long it takes to be born to the baby.

How to get a Baby?

If you want more Dwellers in your Vault, you can put together a woman and a man in your dwelling part. After some time the Dwellers charm level will increase and if you see them dancing around, then it is only a matter of time until it happens. If you want to go faster and get the Baby earlier, you can use a Charm boost outfit on your Dwellers.

How long does it take to deliver the Baby in Fallout Shelter?

In the beginning we were looking for a function, so that the baby can be born. But there is no function or trigger for it, you just have to wait for it to come. In our case we had to wait about 4 to 5 hours in realtime, until it come out. The pregnant woman is still ready for work, but can’t deal with any disasters. So if you get attacked, the woman can’t help to defend the vault.

After a few hours the baby is born in Fallout Shelter. Now it takes another few hours until the baby will grow up to a child and to get a full Dweller. Getting a Baby in Fallout Shelter will help you to grow your population in the Vault.

Getting Kids in the game need some time but is a really good method to get more people in your base. Any questions to this topic? Any tips to get the Babys in Fallout Shelter faster?

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