connect to IP and play together with your friends on one server

How can I connect to IP in to play together with my friends? This is a common questions of many players in the last days and we created a little guide on this page. If you are looking for a good browsergame and have so far not heard of, then you should give the game a chance. Agario is currently one of the best and addictive games on the web. The gameplay of is fairly simple but very entertaining and addictive. You start with a little cell and you can move with your mouse.  The goal in the game is to eat the little cells. This will increase the size of your cell and you can eat players who are smaller than you. The goal is to be as large as possible and not eaten by other players.

To control the cell you have to use your mouse or trackpad. If you press the “W”-key on your keyword, you can shoot single blobs from the big blob. This will decrease your size but increases your speed. The larger the cell, the slower you are. If you press the Spacebar, you can split your cells into two little cells. This lets you more easily hunt and eat other players.

How can I connect to the same server IP in

Normally, you will be automatically assigned to a server. If you want to play on the same server with a friend, then you have to connect via IP. How can I connect via the IP address? You can find all instructions in the following list.

  1. First, get your Google Chrome Browser running and visit the website.
  2. Now press F12 on your Keyboard and switch to “Console”.
  3. You should now see the bar with “Connecting to ws://”.
  4. This is the IP address of the current server. Share this IP address with your friend.
  5. To connect to the IP now, you have to re-open the Console and typing the following command.
  6. connect(“ws:// “)
  7. Make sure you have the correct IP and port.

That’s it. Now you should be on the same Server as your friend. Any questions? Leave us a comment.

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