Fallout Shelter increase happiness of Dwellers

How can I increase the happiness of my Dwellers in the Vault? This is a common question in the last days and we have summarized some tips belong to this topic. Just after the announcement of Fallout 4, the developers of Bethesda have released a mobile game. A mobile Fallout game? Yea, finally we have this great franchise on our phones and tablets and the developers did a really good job. It’s really fun and entertaining to manage and enlarge the Dwellers Vault, to protect it from intruders and keep your Dwellers happy. But what is the best way to increase the happiness of the Dwellers in Fallout shelter?

How to increase Happiness of Vault Dwellers?

There are several ways to do it and there are some reasons why your Dwellers get unhappy over time. From this one can conclude how to make the Dwellers happier.

  1. They get hungry and thirsty over time: As each person, the people regularly eat and drink. So make sure you have enough food and water and keep an eye on the indicators.
  2. They get injured: If your Dwellers get injured when they went outside or protected the base from intruders, make sure you heal them using stimpacks.
  3. Wrong job, bad mood: Who will not be unhappy if you do not like the work. Make sure that you assign your Dweller in Fallout Shelter to the right job. You can find a suitable job based on their attributes. Put them in a job where he or she has the most attribute points.
  4. Build a Radio station: If you havent already done, you should build the radio station in the Vault. This will increase happiness of your Dwellers too.

Are there any other ways to increase happiness in Fallout Shelter? I

If so, tell us your tips on this topic in the comments. How long does it take to get a Baby in Fallout Shelter?

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