Despicable Me Minion Rush Gift Codes [2015]

You are looking for current Despicable Me Minion Rush Gift Codes to unlock perks or other cool things? On this page you will find a list of current codes from the year 2015. Meanwhile there are many games in the endless runner genre. But only a few games are really entertaining in the long term. One of these games is called Despicable Me Minion Rush for Android and iOS. The game is not only very well-known because of the movie, Gameloft has done a good job and developed a great game. Over time you can unlock new levels, characters and other cool things like Boosters for more bananas and so on. But there are also the so called gift codes. You can use this gift codes and redeem them in game and then you will receive a reward. These include for example booster, bananas, token and you can even unlock a baby minion character. On this page we collected some working Gift Codes in 2015 for Minion rush.

Gift Codes for Minion Rush – working 2015

There are now many codes that no longer work. Nevertheless, we have found some working gift codes we used in 2015. If you know other combinations for the game, then leave us a comment.

  • Standard, Firefighter and Baby = Unlock Baby Minion
  • Maid, Standard and Golf = Unlock the loser taunt
  • Baby, Dancer and Gold = 5x score perks
  • Dancer, Maid and Baby = 3x bonus bananas
  • Golf, Dancer and Mustache = 20x free tokens
  • Baby, Firefighter and Maid = 5x banana perks
  • Dancer, Firefighter and Mustache = 3x minion launcher
  • Mustache, Baby and Dancer = 1500 free bananas

Seems like the unlock baby minion Gift Codes doesn’t work on the Android version of Despicable Me Minion Rush. IF you know more Minion Rush Gift codes 2015, then please leave us a comment. We will regularly update this page and add more codes.

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  1. It seems that the gift code tab is missing in the options menu. I have iPhone. How can I get it to appear again?

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