Clash of Clans how to change name?

Is it possible to change my name in Clash of Clans? This is a common question in the great strategy game CoC for Android und iOS. Some time ago, we wanted to change our name to the game. In the settings, we could find no option to change our nick name. For this reason we have looked at various tips in forums, because some players reported that you can change your name in game. After all instructions have not worked, we thought it was not possible die change the name. But this is not correct, a friend told us to write a message to Supercell support and if you are friendly, they will change your village name. We did this without great expectations and after 4 to 5 days we received a email from the support. It worked, they just changed our old village name to the suggested one. Great support, we were not expecting that. So if you want to change the village name in Clash of Clans, just follow the steps below and it will maybe work for you too.

How to change village name in Clash of Clans

  1. First open Clash of Clans on your smartphone or tablet and open the “Settings”.
  2. Choose “Help and Support” and tap on the Search icon.
  3. Now scroll down a bit and tap on “Contact Us”.
  4. This will redirect you to your mail app.
  5. Write something like “I would like to change my Clash of Clans name from xy to yz and any reason. Thanks you very much”.

After sending the mail to the support, be patience and wait like 5 to 10 days and maybe they will change your village name. A visitor told us, if your name contains bad words, then change it too. Have you had similar experiences? Do you know yet another method to change the name in Clash of Clans?

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