Samsung Galaxy S6 slow WiFi and Internet: How to fix?

Having problems with slow WiFi on your Samsung Galaxy S6?  We have put together some causes and possible solutions to this issue. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best smartphones on the market. Samsung has developed a great and powerful Smartphone with a big and beautiful screen with Quad HD resolution, a powerful processor and a great camera. As with any Smartphone, there are some problems and bugs and some users report a slow WiFi connection. An example for the slow WiFi connection can be seen in Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram if the grey load icon is displayed for a long time if you open a message or if you want to display an image. Often the reason, that the Galaxy S6 WiFi connection is slow is because of a bad WiFi signal to your router. In this case, you must reduce the distance to the router or buy a Wi-Fi Repeater to fix the problem. But what should I do if the WiFi signal is strong and the WiFi still slow. In this tutorial we have some tips for you, how to fix the problem.

How to fix slow WiFi on the Galaxy S6

  • Execute Wipe cache partition
  • Forget the WiFi network and set up the connection again
  • Factory reset the Galaxy S6

We have described the mentioned solutions under the following headings.

Wipe cache partition

  1. Turn off your Galaxy S6 completely
  2. Hold Power button, Volume up and Home button until your device vibrates once.
  3. Now release the Power button and keep holding the Home and volume button.
  4. A few seconds later you should see the Android recovery menu.
  5. Navigate with the volume keys and start the “Wipe cache partition” with the home button.
  6. Wait some seconds and reboot your Galaxy S6 with “Reboot system now”.

Reset your WiFi connection on the Galaxy S6

  1. Go to “Settings” and “WiFi”.
  2. Now plong press on your WiFi network name and delete it. Make sure you have the WiFi password.
  3. Turn the WiFi off and on once and set up the connection again.

If nothing helps to resolve the problem, you should think about a factory reset. Make sure that you save all your private data before you perform the factory reset. If you know other possible solutions to the problem and how to fix slow WiFi on the Samsung Galaxy S6, leave us a comment.

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