Samsung Galaxy S6 How to turn off notifications on lock screen

How to hide notifications on lock screen in my Samsung Galaxy S6? This is a frequently asked question by many Galaxy S6 owners and we also had to search a while to find the option in the Android settings. If you don’t want a notification or message preview on your lock screen, then this tutorial will help you. Samsung has just released the brand new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and it’s a great smartphone. A powerful hardware, a beautiful big screen with Quad-HD Resolution and a great camera. But as with any Smartphone, there are some standard settings that you don’t like. If you get a message on WhatsApp or a SMS and your Galaxy S6 is locked, then you will see a preview of that message on your lock screen. If you don’t want, that other people can see the message preview if they look on your locked phone, then you can switch it off.

Turn off the message preview and notifications on Galaxy S6 lock screen

If, however, for security or just for privacy reasons, you prefer the notifications and preview not be accessible from the Galaxy S6 lock screen, then there’s an easy way to disable this feature. Just follow our tutorial and in seconds the notification and message previews will no longer appear on the lock screen of your Galaxy S6.

  1. Go to “Settings” and search for the option “Sound and Notifications”.
  2. In this menu you’ll find the option “Notification on lock screen”.
  3. If you open it, you can choose between “No notifications” and “Hide content”.

Now you know how to disable the notification on lock screen. For any questions, leave us a comment.

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