Fallout Shelter: How to get 100% Happiness for your Dwellers?

How can I reach the 100% happiness for my Dwellers in Fallout Shelter? Although you should always try to increase the happiness of your Dwellers, sooner or later you will face an objective called ‘Raise the happiness of 1 Dweller to 100%’. In the case you have to deal with topic thus to complete the objective. Many players including us maybe wondering, how does that work and how can I increase the value of a single Dweller to 100 percent? We have found no hint in the game how it should work, which is why we have collected a few tips and tricks how to reach the 100% happiness for a single Vault Dweller in Fallout Shelter.

No food, bad mood

Make sure you have enough resources. The number of resources you have influence the happiness of your Dwellers. So if you want to reach the 100 percent, get enough resources and try to avoid the bars go red. If you consume too many resources, you should upgrade the rooms rather than building a new room of the same type.

Keep your Dwellers safe

If your Dwellers get injured while fighting against intruders, you should try to keep them safe. Get some guns and armor and make sure to use stimpacks, if they get injured outside or while protected the base.

Love makes happy

Put your Dwellers in the Living quarters. Just send a female and a male to a room and let them have fun. With any luck, the two Dwellers will disappear into the background and you’ll have a baby soon. This will not only increase the population, it also increases the happiness.

Get a Radio Station

A Radio Station makes your Vault Dwellers happy. That’s why you should get a Radio Station sooner or later. Currently only the Dweller that work in the Radio Station get this boost. Therefore, it is particularly important for this 100% happiness objective.

Those were or tips on this objective. If you have more tips to make and keep your Dwellers happy in Fallout Shelter, leave us a comment and share your experiences with us and other players.

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