Fallout Shelter: How to get free Lunch Boxes (Tips)

How to get free Lunch Boxes in Fallout Shelter? This is a common question in the last days, because a new and great game entered the mobile market. After the Fallout 4 announcement a new app was presented to the gaming fans. With Fallout Shelter the first game in the famous Fallout franchise released for the mobile market. Although the game is not a role-playing game, your job is to build the largest possible vault and to make the Dweller happy. This sounds easier than it is. The game not only looks good visually, it also provides a lot of challenges and great features for many hours of gameplay. In any case, as much to get the time to Fallout 4 release filled. Although many of the features are easy to understand in the game, we asked ourselves some questions. First we were wondering, how to get the baby and when they are born, and the second question was, how to get more free Lunch Boxes?

Fallout Shelter tips for free Lunch Boxes

Even if you can get many of the lunch boxes only via an in-app purchase, the developers have built some rewards in the game. With these rewards, you can get at least some free lunch boxes to build up your vault and increase the happiness auf your Dwellers.

The common way to get some free lunch boxes in Fallout should is completing the quests. There are many quest or rather objectives which give you rewards, if you complete them. The most quests just give caps, but some of them have a few Lunch Boxes as a reward.

If you don’t have any Lunch Boxes quests in Fallout shelter, just complete the normal Caps objectives. The more quests you complete, the more new quests will appear in the list and perhaps some of the new objects give free boxes.

At the beginning of the game you get a lot of boxes. For example the first objectives called “Successfully Rush 1 Room” or the “Equip A Dweller With An Outfit” will give you some free boxes. Therefore, you should regularly complete all available quests in the list.

Are there any other ways to get more free lunch boxes in Fallout Shelter? If you have any tips to this topic, just leave us a comment. We will add more tips to this topic in the next days and weeks.

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