Very slow animals 94% Answers (94 Percent)

Looking for the answers to 94% Very slow animals? This is a common asked question in the last few days. Recently, the developers of the entertaining app have released an update. With the update, there are many new levels in 94 percent. Some of the questions are very difficult and therefore you will find a list of the answers on this guide. So what Animals do you know, that are really slow and need hours to move? Finally, a new update for 94 Percent appeared in the Google Play Store and new entertained levels and questions are available. Again, the gameplay is the same. You have to find different answers to a questions. Because of the special gameplay, you must not only find a single answers to a questions, you have to guess the most frequently given answers of other players. Usually there are around five or six answers, you have to guess to solve a part from the level. So what are the Very slow animals in 94%?

94% Very slow animals

Very slow animals 94% Answers
Very slow animals 94% Answers

The following list you find all necessary answers, to solve this questions. The answers for this question contains three really easy and obvious answers like a Turtle, a Snail or a Sloth. If any answers is missing to this questions, please leave us a comment and we will add the missing answers from time to time.

  • Turtle
  • Snail
  • Sloth
  • Slug
  • Koala

More answers for this 94 Percent level

Besides the Very slow animals question in this 94% level, there were still more questions like “Something you need on a desert island” and a “Clown picture”.

Stuck on another question in 94 Percent? Did we miss any answer to this questions and is there another slow animal? Hope our guide helped you to solve the 94 percent level with the questions “Very slow animals”

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