Shades of yellow 94% Answers (94 Percent)

What are the answers to the question Shades of yellow in 94%? If you have difficulties find the correct answers to this level, here you will find a list of all necessary words to solve this level. The 94% is a free and very entertaining app for Android and iOS. Within a few days the app has made it to the first positions in the app charts of Google Play and the Apple App Store. The 94 percent game is an easy to understand but very entertaining and addictive game. The gameplay is simple, but can entertain for many many hours. The goal is to guess the most given answers by other players to different topics and pictures. This sounds easier than it is and sometimes, the solution is quite difficult. If you have problems figuring out the answers to the Shades of yellow question in 94 percent, our tips will maybe help you to find the solution.

94% Shades of Yellow Answers

Shades of Yellow 94% Answers
Shades of Yellow 94% Answers

So, what colors belong to the Shadow of Yellow in 94%? As with each question in 94 Percent, there are some simple and some difficult answers. Terms such as Sun, Gold and Bright belong to the easy answers which you can quickly guess. The other answers you can find in the following list.

  • Sun
  • Bright
  • Gold
  • Lemon
  • Neon
  • Mustard

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