Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t turn on: Possible solutions

Help, my Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t turn on, how can I fix this issue? This question is often asked in the comments and we have collected some causes and possible solutions, how to fix this issue. If your Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t turn on and the screen stays black after you dropped it or you after an update, the following tips will maybe help you to get the device running again. The new Galaxy S6 is Samsung latest smartphone on the market and as with the predecessors it brings a lot of great features and of course powerful hardware and a beautiful screen. But as like other smartphone the Galaxy S6 is also not bug free. In addition to some report that the screen won’t turn on and stays black after you charged it, some people reporting that the device itself won’t turn on. Rarely this problem is caused by a real hardware defect, more often it’s just a little bug that can be solved very fast, if you know the necessary steps. If you are using the Galaxy S6 and you face this problem, you may find some possible solutions to solve Galaxy S6 won’t turn on in our guide.

Connect to the charging cable and hold the power button

Galaxy S6 won't boot up: How to fix black screen issue?
Galaxy S6 won’t boot up: How to fix black screen issue?

As with its predecessor a simple trick is to connect the Galaxy S6 to the charging cable and hold the power button for some seconds. Make sure that the battery is charged and keep holding the power button on the side for some seconds, like 20 to 30 seconds. Often the device then awakened from a deep sleep and will turn on again. If you haven’t start and charged the device for some time, this solution can help to fix the problem.

Boot your Galaxy S6 in Safe Mode

Another possible solution to the issue that the Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t turn on is, boot your device in the so-called safe mode. In the safe mode only the important apps and services will be loaded at the device start. If a third party app causes the problems and keep the Galaxy S6 from booting, you’ll find out in the safe mode. To start the safe mode on your device, just follow the steps below.

  1. Press and hold the Power button and wait until the Samsung screen appears.
  2. Now let go the Power button and then hold the volume down key.
  3. When the device is restarting you should see a little “Safe mode” text in the bottom left corner.

If the device now will turn on and boot up correctly, you should think about a hard reset.

Wipe Cache Partition, if Galaxy S6 won’t turn on

Especially after the installation of an update, it can cause problems. As like other smartphone the Galaxy S6 is also not covered from a bugs after an update like “Device is slow after after” or “not booting correctly”. Often these problems can be fixes really fast. You just have to start your smartphone in the Android Recovery Mode and start the so-called function “Wipe Cache Partition”. This function will not delete any of your personal data likes picture, videos, messages or other files. This function will just delete temporary system files, which can causes problems like the Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t turn on after an update. The following steps will show you, how to get your Galaxy S6 into the so Android Recovery mode to start the Wipe Cache Partition.

  1. Turn off your smartphone and then press and hole the Power button, the volume up and the home button at the same time.
  2. Wait until the device vribrates ones and let go of the Power button and keep holding the other two buttons.
  3. No you should see a new screen like “Recovery Menu”. You can navigate through the Recovery menu using the volume keys.
  4. Search for “Wipe cache partition” and start the function with the power button.
  5. Wait until the process finished and start your Galaxy S6 over “Reboot system now”.

Hopefully, the issue Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t turn on is fixed now. If nothing helps you should take the smartphone back to the store or a technician where it can be checked for any damage. Do you know any other possible solution to this problem? Just leave us a comment and share your experiences with us.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t turn on: Possible solutions

  1. I just got my S6 edge 4 weeks ago and this problem happened. I charged my phone full and used it until around 87 at night and turned ultra power saving, hoping that battery wont drop much and alarm still works. In the morning I found my phone’s not turning on. I charged it and it didn’t respond. I hit the power button several times but I won’t turn on too. I tried rebooting it in safe mode and wipe cache partition and doesn’t work too. Can anyone tell me how to solve and prevent this from happening?

  2. so I tried all the above and nothing.
    I checked the wire by plugging in something different to it like amazon tablet and it recognized the charge.
    so then I pluged the same device into a computer and it connected no problem. so then I tried the s6 and nothing, I tried the computer as well nothing still.

    Please help

  3. Plug phone in wait 10 min, then hold volume DOWN, power button, and home button. That worked for me.

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