Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t connect to WiFi or internet fix

My Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t connect to WiFi, how can I fix this issue? This topic is a common question on our comments and some users report the problem, that the Galaxy S6 won’t stay connected to Wi-Fi. On this page you will find some possible causes and solutions to the problem. Samsung hast just released their latest smartphone and the Galaxy S6 is a great device. Many users are happy about the new flagship model and it comes with beautiful design, powerful hardware and a beautiful big screen with brilliant colors.  But as like any other smartphone or tablet, the Galaxy S6 is not bug free and some users report the first issues. Often the cause is this not the Samsung Galaxy S6, more often the causes can be found somewhere else. In this case, when the Galaxy S6 won’t connect to WiFi, the router or the settings are the causes for the problem. We have collected some possible solutions, how to fix the issue and how to get a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection on your device.

Disable Smart Network Switch

Potential solutions, if Galaxy S6 won't connect to Wi-Fi
Potential solutions, if Galaxy S6 won’t connect to Wi-Fi

If you have a bad signal and the Galaxy S6 won’t stay connected to this WiFi, then the problem may be caused by the Smart Network Switch. This will automatically switch to 3G, if your current connection is too bad to surf or use the web. In this case you should try to disable the feature and try it again. Follow the following steps, to disable the Smart network switch.

  1. Open the “Settings” and go to “Wireless/Wi-Fi”.
  2. Scroll down and at the end you’ll see the option “Smart network switch”.
  3. Uncheck this option and you’re done.

Now you Galaxy S6 will no longer switch between your Wi-Fi and the mobile internet or 3G connection. This may resolve the issue Galaxy S6 won’t connect to WiFi

Turn off your Galaxy S6 and the Router

A simple but often working solution is just turn off the Galaxy S6 and the router for 10 seconds and turn it back on. This easy solution sometimes fix resolves the problem.

Forget and reconnect to your WiFi

Have you already tried to forgetting and reconnecting to your WiFi? As with its predecessor that sometimes help to resolve the problem. Open the settings on your Galaxy S6 and tap on “Wi-Fi”. Now you just have to choose you WiFi network and tap on “Forget”. Once this is done, just reconnect and setup your connection again.

Check the power options

If you’re wondering why the WiFi disconnecting, you should check the power options on your device. Make sure you haven’t set any Wi-Fi restrictions or power saving modes belong the wireless conenction. To check the, open the “Settings” and go into the “power saving mode”. You should also check “Settings” – “Wi-Fi” – “Advanced” and make sure that “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” is set correctly to “Always”.

We hope the potential solutions have helped you out. If you know any other possible fix how to solve “Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t connect to Wi-Fi or internet”, please leave us a comment.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t connect to WiFi or internet fix

  1. Galaxy S6 Did everything above plus cleared phone cache, soft re-boot and still the phone loses the Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi symbol is active and the arrows working but no program can connect. On the phone I have to turn Wi-Fi off then on to re-establish the connection. Application will connect and I can use it. After I am done and try to use another application the cycle starts over again. Have the phone since the end of April and this just started a week or so ago. Taking it back to Verizon.

  2. Just did the following and all appears to be working fine. Crossing my fingers. **I had the same issue and solved it by changing my routers security from WPA2/Mixed Mode to WPA2 Personal. Since this change, it works fine on both 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz.

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