Samsung Galaxy S6 How to hide Caller ID

How can I hide my Caller Id on the Samsung Galaxy S6? In this tutorial we will show you how to turn off your caller identification in the Android settings. If you have turned off the caller id, your own number will not be shown at the receiving and he cannot find out directly who is calling on the display. This works only with calls, if you write a text message the telephone number is still visible to the recipient. This function is very useful when you don’t want the other conversation partner to see, who’s calling and which number you are using. In the default, the setting is determined by the provider.  Usually the number sent in the standard setting. This usually means, that the number is sent to the receiving.

Hide your own phone number when calling: Turn of Caller ID

The following steps will show you how you can turn off the caller ID on the Samsung Galaxy S6. If you have questions or something does not work, leave us a comment.

  1. Open the Phone app on your Galaxy S6 and tap on “MORE” in the top right.
  2. Open the “Settings” and search for “More settings” at the bottom.
  3. Press on “Show my caller ID” to see the current setting.
  4. In the popup window you can change the settings. The standard is usually “Network default” as described above.
  5. Change it to “Hide number” to hide your Caller ID.
  6. Press the Home key and you are done.

Of course you can undo the setting at any time via the same way as described above.

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