Samsung Galaxy S6 Hide message preview from WhatsApp, SMS

How to turn of the message preview on the Samsung Galaxy S6 lock screen? This is a common question of some Galaxy S6 users and in this tutorial we will show you how to hide the messages. Every time when you get a message like a SMS or a WhatsApp message, a little preview will appear on your lock screen. A great and useful feature but other people can also read the messages without unlocking the lock screen of your Galaxy S6. If you don’t want to preview the messages on your Samsung Galaxy S6 lock screen then you can turn off this feature. If you don’t know how to do that, just follow our tutorial.

Galaxy S6: Turn off message preview on lock screen

Because many users have asked, according to our knowledge you just can hide the preview on the lock screen and not on the status bar. To see the message in the status bar, you have to unlock the phone first, so it should not be a big problem. Just follow our tutorial to turn off the preview.

  1. Go to “Settings” and navigate to “Sounds and Notifications”.
  2. Now tap on “Notification on lock screen” and you can choose between “Hide content” and “No notifications”.
  3. After you have selected an option, no more previews should appear on your lock screen.
  4. Of course, you can change the setting at any time.

Now you know how to hide and turn off the message preview on your Galaxy S6. If you have any questions, just leave us a comment.

One thought on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Hide message preview from WhatsApp, SMS

  1. Try both. It works. But you will not get a notification that you get a message, no sounds. You just see the message. The preview needs to come but leave the notification

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