Samsung Galaxy S6 connect to PC using WiFi or USB

How can I connect my Samsung Galaxy S6 with the PC. In this tutorial we will show you how you can connect your Smartphone with the computer via USB or WiFi. The Smartphone has become for many people an important daily companion in these days. There are not only emails and contacts on the memory, also many other important data. Many smartphone users are wondering how you can connect your phone with the PC. There are many different ways to establish the connection. The connection can be established with USB or also via Wi-Fi. After the connection is established, you can transfer all data such as images, videos or music to your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Connect your Galaxy S6 to your PC via USB

You can easily connect your smartphone using the usb cable and transfer files between your pc and your phone.

  1. Connect the data cable to your computer’s USB Port and your Galaxy S6.
  2. Open the notification bar and tap on “Connected as a media device”
  3. Wait a second and press on “Media Device (MTP)” and wait until the function is active.
  4. Now you can start transfering the files using your Windows Explorer or file manager.

Transfer files between PC and Galaxy S6 via WiFi (Wireless)

If you want to connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 via Wi-Fi to your computer, then this is no problem and not difficult. In this case, we use the free app called Airdroid.

  1. Open the Google play store and download the AirDroid app.
  2. Run the AirDroid app on your Galaxy S6 and you will get an IP address.
  3. Open the browser on your computer and enter the address.
  4. Confirm the security prompt on your Smartphone and you are ready to transfer the files between your Galaxy S6 und PC via WiFi.

The AirDroid app offers many more features and is a very useful tool. With the app, you can remote control your Smartphone with Wi-Fi. If you have more questions or tips on this topic, leave us a comment. You want to hide individual pictures in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Gallery?

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