Samsung Galaxy S6 block calls by phone number: How to

How to block a call on the Samsung Galaxy S6? In this tutorial, we will show you how to block a specific call by the phone number, so you don’t get annoying by this caller anymore. After we have made a tutorial how to avoid send the caller ID on the Galaxy S6, in the comments many users asked how to block a phone number. In the Android options you will find an option how to do that and we described all necessary steps on this page. Many people get calls from phone numbers that you don’t know in everyday life. Depending on how often these calls appear on the display this can be quit annoying over time.

How to block calls from a phone number on the Galaxy S6

Follow the steps below, to block a call.

  1. Launch the Phone App and tap on “More”.
  2. Now go to “Settings”, “Call rejection” and “Auto reject list”.
  3. Enter the phone number you want to block and reject
  4. Select “Match Criteria” and “Exactly the same as”.
  5. If you want to block an existing contact, you can also tap on “Contacts”, “Logs” and choose the contact.

Unblock a phone number

  1. If you decided to unblock the caller id, just follow the steps described below.
  2. Open the Phone App and tap on “More” and “Settings”.
  3. Open the “Call rejection” and tap on “Auto reject list”.
  4. Now you can use the minus button to remove a phone number from the block list.

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