Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life draining fast: How to fix the issue?

Samsung just released their new flagship Galaxy S6 and it comes with pretty good hardware. Many users report a good experience and are happy about their new phone. You could say that the Galaxy S6 is one of the best Android Smartphone on the market right now. If not even the best smartphone on the market. But with any other smartphone, some users report they have difference issues. A frequently named issue is next to Galaxy S6 gets hot that the battery life is bad and draining fast. The device comes with a strong Quad-HD display and a powerful processor. Of course, these components must be supplied with power. Differently than in the predecessor you can no longer replace the battery. It is still possible to change the battery but no longer so simply as with the Galaxy S5. So, how to solve the Galaxy S6 Battery Life issue and how to extend the battery life? We have collected some possible causes and solutions, how to fix this issue.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 poor battery life and what are the causes?

Galaxy S6 poor battery life and draining fast: Possible solutions
Galaxy S6 poor battery life and draining fast: Possible solutions

Battery life issues on a smartphone are not new, it seems that they appear on every phone and often it is not the device battery itself but much more the installed apps, configurations or the OS. Especially after update there are many report of poor battery life. Some possible causes and solutions for the issue you can find on this page.

Find apps with high power consumption

First, you should try to find the apps that consume much battery life. In the past, there were already some apps that were the problem for this issue. The cause is usually a bug in the app, many users won’t notice, since running the app in the background. So first check the Battery settings on your Samsung Galaxy S6. If you can find an app that has a high battery usage, you should look at the app and try to find the cause. Normally, the Screen and the Android OS is at the top of the list of apps that consume the most power.

Start your Samsung Galaxy Safe Mode

If you can’t find the app with the high battery usage, you should start the Smartphone in safe mode. In this mode, only the most important functions are loaded. If the battery life is normal, the cause is probably due to a third-party app. How to start the safe mode on the Galaxy S6?

  1. Power off your device and then press and hold the Power-button and the Volume down key.
  2. Once the device boots up, let go the power button and keep holding the volume down key.
  3. After waiting some seconds, you should see the text “Safe mode” at the bottom corner of your screen.

Disable unused features like GPS or NFC

Many users leave functions such as GPS constantly activated on their Smartphone. Even if these functions should consume unused no or only little power, might also be the cause of the battery problems such as fast draining battery. For this reason, you should disable unused features such as Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, if they are not needed.

Decrease the screen brightness

The screen is still one of the largest battery eaters in a Smartphone. Since the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a so high resolution display with great colors, a certain amount of power is consumed of course. If your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery drains fast, then you should check out the brightness of the screen. then you should check out the brightness of the screen.

Reset your Samsung Galaxy S6

If nothing helps and you can’t find a solution, then you should consider a factory reset of your phone. This step will delete all of your data on the phone, so you should create a Backup of your important data first. Some users report that the problems have disappeared after the factory reset.

More tips to increase Galaxy S6 battery life

  • Disable haptic vibration
  • Restart your phone
  • Use a black wallpaper
  • Use power saving modes

Do you also have a poor battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S6? Have you found other causes? Do you know other solutions to the problem? Just leave us a comment with your experiences.

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