Minecraft Pocket Edition Invalid Name error: How to fix?

How to fix the „Invalid name“ error message in Minecraft PE when trying to connect a server? This is a frequently asked question in the last days and if you also have the problem, then you can find a possible solution on this page. Minecraft is a great pc game and is even after many hours play very entertaining. With the Minecraft Pocket Edition you can play the game on the go on your smartphone or tablet, which is really great. Although the app runs great and smoothly over the last months and weeks, a few days ago the error message “Invalid name” appeared when trying to connect a Minecraft Pocket Edition Server over the ip address. So how to solve the problem?

How to fix Invalid Name error on Minecraft PE

We have tried different solutions, but none of the suggestions have helped us to fix the problem. Both reinstall the app as well as a reboot of the iPhone or iPad have not helped. After all the solutions have not worked, we restarted the app and changed the name in the settings. Whatever the reason, but this name changed fixed the problem for us. If you also get the error, go to the settings of Minecraft PE and change your name. Make sure not to use any special characters or spaces.

  1. Close the Minecraft PE app and start it again.
  2. Go to settings and change your name to “abc” or something else, make sure not to use any spaces or special characters.
  3. Go back to the title screen and connect to the server.

If you have changed your name in the app, you can re-connect to the servers. Hope this helps to fix the Invalid Name error. If you know other solutions to the problem, please leave us a comment.

2 thoughts on “Minecraft Pocket Edition Invalid Name error: How to fix?

  1. We had an install failure with the latest up grade for PE Minecraft on a Kindle, any ideas on how to reinstall?

  2. Tech Support at Amazon Appstore used this and it worked. Changing the name inside the MPE to a name with no characters or spaces is they key. Thanks!

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