Help, I can’t start and play GTA 5. When I try to start the game the error “Fatal Error with ScriptHook V” or “SCRIPT HOOK V CRITICAL ERROR” appears. Is there a way to fix this issue? This is a frequently asked question in the last hours. If you have the ScriptHook V and the NativeTrainer installed, then you will probably be affected by the problem. GTA 5 is a great game and even after many hours of playing it is still really fun and entertaining. Because of the released mods in the last few weeks, the game has once again become more interesting for many players. To run this mods like the Iron Man Mod, Fly Mod or the NativeTrainer you have to install the Scripthook V. The tool actually works without any problems, until today.

It looks like Rockstar has just released a new update which has broken most of the available mods, including the Scripthook V for GTA 5. So if you get the error message “Fatal Error with ScriptHook V” and GTA 5 wont start, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, there is no solution to the problem right now. It looks like we have to be patient and wait for the mods to be updated. Just check the Scripthook V website for upcoming updates.


FATAL: Unknown game version, check for updates. Supported Version: xx

From the past experience we can say, that the modders are very active and update the mods very fast. Hopefully we get the updated Scripthook V in the next hours or days. It might take a while, so if you just wanna play GTA 5 without any mods or trainer, just delete the Scripthook.dll file in your GTA 5 root folder.

Update: It just got updated, check

Do you already found a solution for the Fatal Error with ScriptHook V” error in GTA 5? Is there already an updated version?

6 thoughts on “GTA 5 SCRIPT HOOK V CRITICAL ERROR: How to fix?

  1. Hey, i have the same Problem.
    It came with the new GTA V Update 1.27.
    It’s the window that opens when the game will be starting.
    I need help about this
    Do you have a Fix for this?

  2. Ah, I’ve had a few beers but i sort of figured it out. You need to remove the scripthook file from the gtaV main folder. I’m guessing it is no longer compatible after the latest update. I’m sure the scripthook mod will be updated in the future.

  3. just remove
    from your gta5 folder

    this error is due to the “GTA 5 SCRIPT HOOK V” hasn’t update for the new game version released on 6/10

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