Destiny Xur Predictions 5/8/15: What will Xur sell

What will Xur sell on 5/8/2015 and is there a prediction? This is a common question asked during the week by many Destiny players including us. Xur Agent of the nine is a special weekend vendor that arrives at a random location in Destiny on every Friday and stays there for two days. He sells great exotic weapons and equipment in exchange for Strange Coins (SC) and Moats of Light (ML). For the past month a Destiny player called Megaman has been data mining the Destiny Xur Stock before he appeared in the game. As a result, you could see his inventory with the weapon and equipment for the weekend already during the week. He published the information as a forecast and these predictions were almost always correct until the last few weeks. But after Bungie recently released a new patch for Destiny, these predictions were no longer possible. The data miners said at Reddit, that there are now two versions of Xur. The original one is still predictable and a new unpredictable copy of Xur. The second one is in control by Bungie so that makes it impossible for the predictions.

What will Xur sell on 5/8/15 [Predictions]

Even if the data miners can’t predict Xur inventory anymore, there are still some information from the past. This information contains the predicted list of Xur inventory until Mid-May. The list contains three weapons and two of them were already sold in April. This list contains the SUROS-Regime, The Last Words and the Thunderlord. The first two weapons were already sold by Xur in the last weeks, so the chances are there, that we will see the Thunderlord on the next Friday the 5/8/15?

Because data mining no longer works, this is only a rumor. What do you think, what will Xur sell on the weekend on May 8?

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  1. in my opinion they won’t give us the thunderlord in till ether the new DLC house of wolfs comes out or we just give up on getting the thunderlord from him so with that said I do hope that i’m wrong about that and that they will give us the thunderlord sooner than later:)

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