Destiny Xur Predictions 5/1/15: What will Xur sell

What will Xur sell on 5/1/2015? Every Friday, Xur agent of the nine in Destiny sells exotic weapons and equipment in exchange for Strange Coins (SC) and Moats of Light (ML). But what will he sell next Friday? This is a common question asked by many destiny players, us included. In the recent weeks there have been some discussions about Xur in Destiny. The reason for these discussions were the Dataminer, which have published a correct forecast with every single item that Xur will sell on the next Friday. A Destiny player called Megaman could predict all items for the next weeks in Xur’s inventory and these predictions were almost always correct. With this information you already knew in the middle of the week, what items are offered by Xur on Friday.

But after the developers recently released a new patch for Destiny, these predictions were no longer possible. The already published predictions no longer matched the items from Xur. However, many players are wondering, is there a forecast and Xur predictions for the next Friday on 5/1/15?

What will Xur sell on 5/1/15 [Predictions]

As mentioned above, even if the player no longer create the predictions for Xur, there are some reports from the past. In these predictions we found a list of items, that should be until mid-May in the inventory of the Agent of the Nine. This list contains the SUROS-Regime, the Last Word and the Thunderlord. the first two items were sold in April, so the chances are pretty high that Xur will maybe sell the Thunderlord on the next Friday the 5/1/15.

Update 5/1 – Xur’s selling:

  • Ruin Wings
  • Don’t Touch Me
  • Heart of the Praxic Fire
  • Hard Light

What do you think, what will Xur sell on this weekend on May 1?

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